Michael Jackson performs during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, California, in 1993.

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By Brian Anthony Hernandez2014-09-20 00:53:08 UTC

It’s a song 30 years in the making.

An unreleased track from Michael Jackson and Queen is set to be released on the band’s upcoming “Queen Forever” album scheduled to arrive in November.

Jackson and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury reportedly recorded their vocals in 1983 but the duet — “There Must Be More to Life Than This” — had been left unfinished until now.

The original version, not featuring Jackson, appeared on Mercury’s 1985 solo album “Mr. Bad Guy.” Three decades later, producer William Orbit completed their duet, and it will appear on “Queen Forever” as one of three unreleased tracks.

Orbit has said Jackson’s vocals in the duet have an emotional quality, according to a tweet from a fan Twitter account, which Orbit retweeted.

“Hearing Michael Jackson’s vocals was stirring. So vivid, so cool, & poignant, it was like he was in the studio singing live”- @WilliamOrbit

— Michael Jackson ♕ (@MJJLegion) September 19, 2014

The lyrics take on an eerie vibe now that Jackson and Mercury have died (in 2009 and 1991 respectively). Both pine over a better world, one without hate and murder, in the duet.

“There must be more to life than killing, a better way for us to survive,” Mercury sings. “What good is life, in the end we all must die. There must be more to life than this.”

To hold you over until the Nov. 10 album drop, here’s Mercury’s original take on the song:

[embedded content]

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