Microsoft is giving students a new tool that may make the coming school year a little easier.

The company just introduced a new feature for Word that could make writing research papers a little less painful. Called Researcher, it helps you find and cite sources without ever leaving Word.

The goal of Researcher, which is available now to Windows users running the latest version of Office, is to help give students writing papers a better idea of how to start their assignment.

Built on top of Microsoft Bing’s Knowledge Graph, Researcher allows you to search for sources directly within Word. It pulls material in from places that are likely to be teacher-approved — like news articles and educational websites that aren’t Wikipedia — and allows you to easily pull quotes from your sources into your paper. Better still, after you quote one of the sources you find in Researcher, it will automatically configure the inline citation and bibliography entry using your preferred citation style. Read more…

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Microsoft Word update will help you write better research papers