Video: Joshua Seftel, Pat Seftel, Rob Chapman

When filmmaker Joshua Seftel’s father passed away three years ago, he was eager to find a way to keep his mom, Pat Seftel, company. So he bought her an iPad and flew down to Florida for the weekend to teach her how to use it. Turns out, Mama Seftel is pretty tech-savvy.

Once the pair started chatting regularly via Facetime, Joshua decided to tape their talks. What grew from these conversations is a series of super snackable videos where Josh gets his mom’s take on everything from Amazon drones and self-driving cars to Dancing with the Stars.

Mashable is excited to host the most recent incarnation of the Seftel’s video series: “Ask Mom Anything.” There are more than half-a-dozen videos up on the site now, which you should totally binge watch. No, seriously. Go watch them right now. We’ll wait. Read more…

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Mom tackles topics from drones to Tinder in Mashable’s new series ‘Ask Mom Anything’