LOS ANGELES — NBC is looking for the next internet star in music — er, the next music star on the internet. Both, kinda.

The network on Thursday announced a reality competition series The Stream, in which they hope the next superstar artist will be discovered via the internet and social media.

Anyone can upload their video to the show’s online platform, where it then becomes available to the public. Once the performance is online, it’s up to users to spread, share and stream their favorite music.

“The Stream gives everyday talented people a chance to be discovered through the Internet and social media, much the same way some of our biggest musical stars today — Adele and Justin Bieber, among many others — were first introduced to the public,” NBC said in its release. “The series will bring talent shows to the next level by moving the traditional audition to the comfort of people’s homes.” Read more…

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NBC wants to find the next big music star on the internet with ‘The Stream’