This is an emergency preparedness kit. No, really.

Inside this slim, silver tube is everything—ok, some of the things—you’ll need to ensure survival should things go totally sideways. There’s a whistle and a poncho; drinking water (in a pouch), first-aid kit, lantern, and crank radio that doubles as a charging station for your gadgets. It all fits into sleek black cases that slip into a tidy aluminum tube that floats.

Japanese studio Nendo designed the Mimin+Aid kit for Sugita Ace in response to the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Its thinking: If you make a kit handsome enough to stash near your door, you can avoid the inevitable where’d-I-put-it panic when the big one hits. And the intention is undoubtedly altruistic, it’s hard not to roll your eyes at almost comically high-design aesthetic. Can you imagine feeling the first rumble of an earthquake and reaching for this silver bullet?

On second thought, yes we can. If you’re gonna survive, it doesn’t hurt to look damn good while doing so.

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