Marvel’s Jessica Jones isn’t your standard, garden-variety “superhero” show. Throughout its first seven episodes, it’s a white-knuckle, oft-witty crime noir peppered with bed-breaking sex scenes and incredibly haunting sequences. And while it may be the product of a comic company turned storytelling conglomerate, Jessica Jones doesn’t feel much like a comic book tale at all

Jessica Jones exists in the same post-Avengers world as Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil — but it’s not a cape-and-costume crime fighting procedural. In fact, it’s nearly the opposite. There are no belly-laughing villains hellbent on world domination or spandex-wearing vigilantes. Instead, we have Jessica (Krysten Ritter), a short-fused protagonist who touts around an alcohol-filled tumbler Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is haunting, thrilling and surprisingly mature