When Oculus Rift pre-orders went live Wednesday, plenty of people were scrambling to get their hands on a piece of virtual reality. While many have said 2016 will be VR’s big year, it doesn’t mean the technology is going to be in every household.

There are plenty of people who may not know as much about what the Oculus Rift is, why people are so excited for it, or even if they should take the plunge on VR yet. Below, we’re taking on the biggest questions you may be afraid to ask.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality’s current form uses images projected on a screen about five inches from a wearer’s face to show them a new experience. Using lenses and stereoscopic 3D (which involves showing a slightly different image to each eye), the brain can be tricked into feeling like what it’s seeing is really real Read more…

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Oculus Rift: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers