Olloclip’s new 4-in-1 lens works with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Image: Stan Schroeder, Mashable
By Stan Schroeder2014-09-06 09:24:08 UTC

BERLIN — Olloclip, the company best known for its clip-on, 4-in-1 lenses that enhance the iPhone’s camera, has launched a new set of lenses which work with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Shown at Showstoppers, the tech show that accompanies IFA, the new lenses are both located on the same side and not on opposing sides like on the iPhone version.

The lens choices are fish-eye and macro, both of which can be unscrewed to reveal either a 10x or a 15x macro lens.

With this latest product, Olloclip pretty much rounded up its offering of lens accessories for the most popular gadgets out there. You can buy one for several variants of the iPhone and the iPad, and the new lenses can be had for both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S5. You can pre-order them from Olloclip’s website now for $69.

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