Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig in the season premiere of ‘Once Upon a Time,’ which brings characters from ‘Frozen’ into Storybrooke.

Image: ABC/Katie Yu
By Sandra Gonzalez2014-09-28 15:32:09 UTC

Excited for the season premiere of Once Upon a Time?

You’re not the only one.

Storybrooke is about to get Frozen-over. Hook and Emma are in a jolly-good place. Rumple and Belle are married. Charming and Snow have a little snowball of joy. What’s not to be excited about? (Okay, maybe Regina isn’t totally pleased right now, but can you blame her?)

Ahead of the show’s Season 4 start, some very excited fans took to Twitter to ask their burning questions ahead of the finale, which Mashable promptly posed to the cast at their premiere party in Hollywood last weekend.

Below are their answers, teases and general musings about the show, which begins a new season Sunday night on ABC.

  1. @TheSandraG Now that Rumple & Belle are married, are they prepared for any of Rumple’s enemies that come their way?

    β€” Natalie Alice (@repeatlitanies) September 21, 2014

  2. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Scoop on Hook’s wardrobe change? πŸ˜€ For example When it is and who initiates it, Hook himself or does he get help ^^?

    β€” Captain Swan (@OUATEmmaHook) September 21, 2014

  3. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Ask Colin, if Hook got another boat? what would he name it? (hopefully in connection to Emma πŸ˜‰ #CaptainSwan

    β€” Swan-Jones (@len_swanjones) September 21, 2014

  4. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Is Henry going to be supportive when it comes to Emma’s and Hook’s relationship :D?

    β€” Captain Swan (@OUATEmmaHook) September 21, 2014

  5. @TheSandraG For Sean (Robin):How does Robin feel now about Marian, since he mourned her 4 yrs, in relation 2 wt he feels now 4 Regina? #ouat

    β€” Lana Parrilla Brasil (@BrParrilla) September 21, 2014

  6. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Are we going to see more of Regina and Snow’s relationship next season. What’s gonna happen with them?

    β€” J.L. (@JordanLee60) September 21, 2014

  7. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Will there be any backstory on Robin?

    β€” Outlaw Queen Hope (@OQ_Hope) September 21, 2014

  8. @TheSandraG @OnceABC how is Emma and Regina relationship gonna be now after the finale? Will Emma try to make it up to Regina?

    β€” Butterfly (@butterfly_super) September 21, 2014

  9. @TheSandraG Are we getting more Hook/Charming bromance?

    β€” Mikey (@Radames125470) September 21, 2014

  10. @TheSandraG How will Henry help Regina fix her broken heart? I heard he has an “operation” with her this year, what can we expect? #ouat

    β€” Lana Parrilla Brasil (@BrParrilla) September 21, 2014

  11. @TheSandraG @OnceABC Captain Swan date scoop :D?

    β€” Captain Swan (@OUATEmmaHook) September 21, 2014

  12. @TheSandraG @OnceABC any info about Emma/Elsa friendship, ask @jenmorrisonlive and @GeorginaHaig what makes them excited about it

    β€” Lockerz (@_Lockerz) September 21, 2014