How’s this for an odd marketing strategy: OnePlus is now selling a $19.99 iPhone case which comes with an invite to purchase the invite-only OnePlus X phone

Even better, some lucky buyers will get a “Ceramic” invite, which enables you to buy a limited edition version of the device, or a special invite which will get you a OnePlus X for free

We’re not sure if the idea is completely dumb or utterly brilliant (it could be somewhere in the middle, too). The OnePlus Sandstone case is a real, actual polycarbonate case that’s supposed to give your iPhone some extra “grippiness.” Unfortunately, the case doesn’t double as a OnePlus X case, meaning that if you really do decide to purchase the upcoming, invite only OnePlus X phone, it’ll be quite useless to you Read more…

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OnePlus sells an iPhone case that also nets you a OnePlus X invite. Wait, what?