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You look like a person who appreciates the finer things in life. And, much like a velour bedspread, Morbotron is about as fine as it gets.

In the style of the Frinkiac database of “The Simpsons” screenshots, Morbotron allows fans of Futurama to search for screenshots and generate gifs based on quotes from their favourite show. It’s by the same team behind Frinkiac (Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young), and they’ve put 861,414 frames from 124 episodes and four movies, with 63,527 searchable subtitles, into the generator.

“Morbotron is identical to Frinkiac, but for Futurama. This means all the same search, meme, and GIFing capability is available but with the entire library of Futurama episodes at your fingertips,” they wrote.

Now, what are you waiting for, a kiss goodbye? Go already.

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