TORONTO — It’s basically unprecedented for a Hollywood actress to be 51 years of age and have her career kick into what is essentially a state of grace. After The Heat and Gravity, two roles that couldn’t be more different other than both being terrific financial successes, Sandra Bullock seems incapable of doing anything wrong

Our Brand Is Crisis is a chaotic, scrappy, deeply cynical look at political puppet masters, and Bullock’s eye-of-the-storm lead performance is hilarious and unpredictable.

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Those who follow movie news may know the role of “Calamity” Jane Bodine was originally intended (with a different name) for George Clooney. The man is impeccable, but how he could have done it? Bullock’s charming manner of being half-genius/half-nincompoop exudes mad brilliance in this. She’s quoting Sun Tzu one moment, tripping over herself the next. You believe that she would have the unwise drive to turn her life upside-down to defeat her great nemesis, a fellow American taking a job south of the border played by Billy Bob Thornton. Read more…

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‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ review: Sandra Bullock can do no wrong