Loud and full of bass, the boombox a.k.a. the ghetto blaster is an unforgettable relic of the ’80s.

Now you can own a giant collection of these boomboxes, currently being sold by New Zealander Craig Kenton in an auction starting from NZ$20,000 (US$14,202).

There are over 300 of these classic audio pieces in the collection, which has slowly amassed in the space of 15 years. Kenton, who grew up as a breakdancing teenager in the ’80s, explained that his collection was something that just spiralled over time.

“A lot of us boombox collectors, it often starts with one then ends with hundreds. It’s just one of those things when you start collecting something, it goes out of control or it doesn’t,” Kenton told Mashable Australia. Read more…

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Own the streets by buying up this giant collection of vintage boomboxes