Pandora is creating a more personal type of radio station

The Internet radio company is debuting a new feature called Thumbprint Radio, which creates a personalized station based on everything you’ve ever liked on the service. It will be available on Pandora’s apps and websites beginning Monday.

Think of it as the ultimate personalized station: A hyper-personal playlist based on every track you’ve ever ever given the thumbs up to, along with other recommendations based on all your previous activity

This may sound counterintuitive, given that people tend have pretty varied musical tastes and not every genre is compatible with everything else you like, but the company says it has put extra intelligence into making sure the stations flow smoothly and that transitions between genres aren’t jarring. For example, it takes into account how often you’ve listened to a particular type of music and gives extra weight to what you’ve listened to more recently. Read more…

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Pandora gets more personal with Thumbprint radio stations