ANAHEIM, California — Hank the Octopus, Bailey the Beluga and Destiny the whale-shark, welcome to the Disney animated family.

Disney/Pixar introduced the newest characters from Finding Dory on Friday at the semi-annual D23 Expo, Disney’s proprietary fan event that the company founded as an alternative to Comic-Con. The June 17, 2016 sequel to finding Nemo has been a long time coming — and no one’s waited more impatiently than Ellen Degeneres, who came to Anaheim for the fun.

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But we know Dory all too well by now, and the little blue fish with short-term memory loss is the center of attention this time. Could one of her new co-stars be the next spinoff? They include Hank the Octopus (Ed O’Neill); Bailey the Beluga (Ty Burrell); Destiny the whale-shark (Kaitlyn Olson). All three joined Degeneres onstage, and Pixar unspooled a long scene showing Dory and Hank’s first meeting. Read more…

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Pixar introduced a bunch of new ‘Finding Dory’ characters at D23