PlayStation VR will launch in October 2016 for $399, Sony said on Tuesday at a Game Developers Conference event, calling it a “great value.”

Outside the US, the virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 will cost 399 Euros, 349 GBP or 44,980 yen, all launching in October. It’s a bit of a delay for the device, originally slated to launch in the first half of this year, but Sony said it wanted to drive mass adoption early and have enough hardware to meet demand.

Over 230 developers are currently creating PlayStation VR games, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said at the event. “The opportunity for developers is monumental,” House said, noting that 36 million PlayStation 4s, all of which can use PlayStation VR, have already been sold worldwide.

House says he expects 50 games to be available this year. Sony is working with LucasArts and Electronic Arts on a special PlayStation VR version of Star Wars Battlefront, he added.

House took a moment to run down some of the numbers behind PlayStation VR. The headset includes a 5.7″ OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The device has 360-degree head tracking using 9 LEDs. The field of view is “approximately” 100 degrees.

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PlayStation VR Will Launch in October for $399