While the first official Pokémon Go wearable is still several weeks away, that hasn’t stopped at least one enterprising developer from hacking together a wearable version of Nintendo’s hit mobile game.

Patrick Cho, a developer at Intel, has succeeded in putting a very basic version of Pokémon Go onto his company’s augmented reality glasses. Though still experimental, the app is one of a handful of unofficial AR and VR-ready demos that promise to untether Nintendo’s app from our smartphones.

Intel was showing off Pokémon Go on its Recon Jet smart glasses at its Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week. The glasses, which right now are targeted at cyclists and runners, are powered by a modified version of Android. This allowed Cho to cobble together an unofficial port of the app onto the glasses. Read more…

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‘Pokémon Go’ on augmented reality smart glasses is already (sort of) a thing