Overwatch, Blizzard’s quirky new team-based shooter, is set to go into public beta testing later this month, the developer announced today.

Starting on October 27th, players will start being admitted in small numbers into a closed beta environment. Following that, Blizzard says in a blog post that it will “call upon an army to overwhelm our hardware” on select weekends for stress tests that will be open to the general public.

Blizzard says that the first such open weekend is planned for after this year’s BlizzCon, which occurs on the first weekend of November.

Overwatch, the first entirely original game property Blizzard has announced in quite some time, is a cartoony approach to the multiplayer shooter genre featuring engineer dwarfs, futuristic bow-wielding rangers, and, most excitingly to me, a robo-gorilla named Winston.

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Public Beta for Blizzard’s New Shooter Starts This Month