The final resting place of the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, is a mystery that’s long puzzled archaeologists, but new research suggests it could, in fact, be Tutankhamun’s tomb.

British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves from the University of Arizona has released a paper that refers to a high resolution scan of the walls of King Tut’s tomb near Luxor, which he says show other sections that could contain the remains of the famous queen who was portrayed in limestone bust dating from around 1340 BC

King Tut’s tomb could have a another chamber behind the west wall, while the existing burial chamber where his remains are may also continue. Reeves is basing his hypothesis on the numerous scans taken to create a facsimile of the tomb that he thinks show cracks in the walls, which could indicate concealed doors. Read more…

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Remains of Egyptian queen Nefertiti could be in King Tut’s tomb