Way back in 2010, when the iPad first came out, there was a strain of criticism that now feels a bit ridiculous. (Besides the one about it being just a big iPod.) “The iPad is too heavy!” they cried. And too big! 9.7 inches is basically a billboard! How am I supposed to carry around a billboard!?

How quaint. With five years of hindsight, that first iPad now looks like the little capsule you get at Toys R’ Us that expands in water to become a giant foam dinosaur. It spawned a universe of tablets determined to figure out where a tablet ends, and where an all-in-one/television/Jumbotron begins.

Samsung’s new Galaxy View, the 18.4-inch tablet launched today, is “for watching movies.” It has a 1080p screen, runs Android, has a SIM card slot so you can browse the Internet on the train where literally everyone will be able to see your screen, and promises up to eight hours of movie-watching battery life.

You can make a case for a tablet like this and sound less crazy than you should. Data shows most people use their tablets at home, so ultra-portability isn’t really an issue. Big phones have more or less obviated small tablets, too. And if you don’t own a TV, well, now you sort of do.

There’s still one unassailable point against them, though: Big tablets are silly. Behold above, a few of the silliest.

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Samsung’s New Tablet Is Huge, But We’ve Seen Bigger