There are high-wire acts, like the ones where you string a cable between two cliffs and gingerly walk across, and there high-tech high-wire acts, where you try to demonstrate cutting-edge technology in front on a large live audience. Both have a high-degree of risk and a history of occasional failure.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just experienced, perhaps, his first taste of high-profile demo failure and he managed it like a champ.

It was during Wednesday evening’s Salesforce Dreamforce conference keynote in San Francisco where the Microsoft CEO smoothly moved from a sit-down chat with Wired’s Jessi Hempel to a stand-up demo of Windows 10’s major business chops. Nadella wanted to show how the digital voice assistant Cortana could be used in business analytics. Fast forward to 10:31 for the action (or inaction). Read more…

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Satya Nadella endures a classic Microsoft demo fail moment