Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Rest easy, Gladiators, Scandal is back

Olivia Pope and co. are once again dominating Thursday nights and the premiere kicked things off with a royal bang. Inspired by the real life tragedy of Princess Diana, Pope was forced to solve a murder conspiracy, while dealing with Fitz, who’s ready to end things with Mellie

Since this is a Shonda Rhimes production, the premiere’s twists and turns came from every angle, packed into a juicy hour-long episode. Here are the 8 most shocking things that happened

1. Princess Diana parallels


Image: ABC

The episode opens with a fancy state dinner for Princess Emily, a lawyer who became royal after marrying the prince of Caledonia. She’s a real Kate Middleton type, but her plot line was inspired by Princess Diana. Not only does she die in a tragic car crash, but her body is also splayed on the road, gruesome fodder for all the bloodthirsty paparazzi Read more…

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‘Scandal’ is back: The 8 most shocking twists in the premiere episode