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It’s been 30 years since Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? first captured the imaginations of young geography nerds — and 24 since Broderbund’s globe-trotting, kid-friendly crime story was adapted into a PBS game show.

As iconic as both are, though, the thing about Carmen Sandiego that you probably remember best is the TV series’ amazing theme song — performed each and every week by a cappella darlings Rockapella.

We thought it would be fun to wish Carmen a happy birthday by inviting Rockapella into Mashable‘s studio for a performance and a brief chat — and they did not disappoint. Though the band’s lineup has changed over the years, Rockapella co-founder and Carmen theme song co-writer Sean Altman was kind enough to swing by as well. (Our thanks to bandmember Steven Dorian for stepping aside to let Altman perform with the group.) Read more…

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Sing along with a reunited Rockapella for Carmen Sandiego’s 30th anniversary