Whether they run on power cables or rechargeable batteries, video games have a codependent relationship with energy. So when a game asks you to think about the wheres and whys of your energy consumption, it’s sometimes tough not to ignore the messenger.

But energy provider NRG has made a thoughtful puzzle game that will make its players more aware of clean energy alternatives. Mobile game The Path to Luma puts you in charge of enabling clean energy solutions across a galaxy, though without the heavy-handedness of most edutainment games

“The number one question we were focused on when coming up with this game was how to make it fun,” said Daniel Keyes, a senior solar analyst at NRG who originally pitched the game to his company. “We wanted people to engage, uninterrupted, and wanted to seem like it came from a place that was genuine. We care about climate change and changing the path Earth is on.” Read more…

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Solving energy problems on other planets in this game might make you think about our own