Image: Getty Creative, Anthony Lee
By Katie Nelson2014-08-22 04:16:59 UTC

Taking a selfie is almost an art form nowadays — but one electronics company may make it a thing of beauty.

Images that surfaced on Asian social media site Weibo this week allegedly show a Sony camera shaped like a perfume bottle, sparking rumors that the company could launch it in Asian markets soon. Even stranger than the shape, it seems the camera is specifically for selfie-taking.

Below are two photos posted on Weibo that supposedly show the camera:

Girl taking selfie with perfume camera

Sony has not confirmed whether the images are real. A spokesperson told Mashable that the company does not comment on speculation.

perfume bottle selfie

Also adding to the buzz is the fact that Sony released a new camera this week that’s able to create the “perfect selfie,” with the help of its 180-degree tilt feature.

Although the perfume-inspired move may sound strange, smartphone cases that shaped like perfume bottles are already popular in Asia, and perhaps Sony is looking to capitalize on the trend.

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