LONDON — James Bond is told twice in Spectre that’s he’s a “kite dancing in a hurricane.” Once face-to-face, and again during a fiendishly sadistic CCTV playback. It’s an apt epithet for a secret agent who spends the film’s two and a half hours flurrying from Mexico City to Morocco via London, Italy and Austria, leaving buildings flattened in his wake, in an attempt to unravel the secrets surrounding Spectre‘s titular organisation.

“Kite dancing in a hurricane” is also pretty appropriate for the people on the other side of the lens. Filming Bond is no easy job; between $34 million of trashed cars, nighttime sessions on a pitch-black Thames, a globe-hopping schedule that departing director Sam Mendes called “wearying” and Daniel Craig’s long list of injuries, the $303 million film (the franchise’s costliest ever) has taken its toll Read more…

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‘Spectre’ review: Bond blusters back in a whirlwind of a movie