“You are my fifth billionaire of the show,” Stephen Colbert humblebragged to the visibly jittery CEO of Snapchat on Wednesday night. “I’m collecting them now.”

In his first weeks as host of The Late Show, Colbert hasn’t just planted his stake in the late night wars, but attempted to move beyond the usual late night guest lineup of celebrities, politicians and animal handlers. In the process, he is quickly established the show as the newest stop on the media tours of top executives from the world’s most prominent technology companies

The powerful CEOs of Apple, Uber, Snapchat, Tesla and SpaceX (okay, fine, the last two are the same person) have all sat down for interviews on The Late Show during its first month on air. And the CEOs of more buzzy technology companies like Airbnb and Netflix are still on tap for future episodes. Read more…

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Stephen Colbert brings tech CEOs to the celebrity culture of late night