Just two days after Saturday Night Live opened with a somber, moving message of solidarity with Paris, Stephen Colbert elected to launch his Late Show with a France-focused monologue. (Colbert also briefly addressed Paris on Friday’s show, most of which was taped before he and his staff learned that France’s capital city had been rocked by a wave of horrific terrorist attacks that killed at least 127 people.)

After “La Marseillaise” played, Colbert — who, despite his French-sounding surname, is actually mostly of Irish descent — launched into a moving monologue that drew parallels between the Paris attacks and the events of 9/11 and revealed, in no uncertain terms, what he thinks of Islamic State. (Spoiler: They’re “a bunch of pussies.”) Read more…

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Stephen Colbert delivers moving monologue on Paris, calls ISIS ‘a bunch of pussies’