There has been an awakening in the world of Star Wars retailing. Have you felt it?

If not, you’ll be sure to feel it at midnight on September 4. That’s when a Star Destroyer’s worth of big box stores will unveil their merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens all at once, a good two months and two weeks before the release of the movie. The nationwide event, accompanied by an Imperial blitzkrieg of advertising intended to drive a consumer frenzy among fans, is called Force Friday.

There has been at least $33 billion in sales of Star Wars toys, clothes, lunch packs and a galaxy of other merchandise since 1977, making it by far the largest movie merch franchise on the planet. Now Disney is doing its damnedest, in concert with its many partners, to break new records with Force Awakens toys and gear — and recoup as much as possible of Disney’s $4.06 billion purchase of Lucasfilm before the movie even opens Read more…

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Target wants you to fill the Internet with galaxies full of Star Wars memories