One of you will be the lucky owner of a Canon EOS T3i kit paired with a NeroTrigger.

The Canon EOS Rebel is a digital SLR camera, and is accompanied by an accessory kit that includes three lenses, a camcorder and a 59″ lightweight tripod – among other accessories.

The second part of this package is a LCD color-screen NeroTrigger, a gadget designed for high-speed photography, which operates in different modes based on your setting. When attached to your camera, the compact device senses changes in your photography environment based on one of its six modes, and can quickly set the camera to capture difficult-to-shoot events like lighting or fireworks. The sound mode activates upon hearing a noise and the laser mode triggers when the beam is broken. Additional modes add HDR and timelapse capabilities to your camera, and DIY mode allows for a customizable triggering system.

This giveaway is targeting all you creatives out there, as these products give you unlimited innovative photography options.

You have until Friday, August 29 2014 at 9AM PT to enter.

To enter, click the image above or follow this link.