By Yohana Desta2014-09-28 13:07:12 +0200

It’s time to level up.

Pinball and Pac Man are mainstays in pop culture, but it isn’t easy to find an authentic arcade where you can play them. Not every city is like Tokyo, where arcades are a dime a dozen. However, gaming culture still thrives all over the world, and there are plenty of venues to satisfy your 8-bit needs.

From a supremely flashy theme park in Dubai to an eight-story warehouse in Tokyo, here are 20 arcades you should visit.

  1. Funspot
  2. Pinball
  3. Barcade
  4. Joypolis
  5. Barabutton
  6. 1up
  7. Kingofkong
  8. Groundkontrol
  9. Sovietarcade
  10. Kooluris2_0
  11. Heartofgaming
  12. Galloping
  13. Segarepublic
  14. Yestercade
  15. Anatanowarehouse
  16. Fengyunzaiqi
  17. Taito
  18. Marvinsmarv
  19. Superpotato

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