The party is in full swing. All the cards from Heathstone’s One Night in Karazhan adventure can now be unlocked, and most serious players have had a chance to test out the most promising new additions.

With all 45 new cards out on the ladder, it’s time to highlight a handful of the best. Not only do these cards offer serious fun and power, but they’ve also been helping to shape the metagame in meaningful ways. Here are the five most impactful additions from One Night in Karazhan.

1. Barnes

Few cards have had as striking an impact in creating new decks as Barnes, Karazhan’s operatic stage manager. The legendary minion can be played across classes, and it has proven a worthy addition to multiple different play styles. Some new decks seem specifically designed to take advantage of the extra tempo and board control that his battlecry offers, making it the top choice for most impactful card from One Night in Karazhan. Read more…

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The 5 ‘One Night in Karazhan’ cards that completely change ‘Hearthstone’ play