While there are always a plethora of prosaic products at CES, it also provides a window into the future. In the impending years, according to the CES worldview, we’ll all be scooting, yet counting our steps, and our devices will be telling us when to breathe, drink and roll over in bed. Your car will have conversations with your house, and there’ll be a man-cave entertainment system so grand you might as well move into the garage and live in it. No more naked faces — you’re interacting with the world through virtual or augmented reality specs. Possibly having sex that way, too. Robots will roam your home doing I’m-not-quite-sure what except scaring your pets, but that’s okay because you’ll be gleefully tracking how much activity that fear is generating. You’ll be printing your food and replacement body parts. When you look up, the sky will be crammed with flying cameras. And there’ll be TV screens everywhere, curved, transparent and rolled up in your bag.

On the other hand, you won’t know whether to wave at, touch or talk to your car’s controls, and you’ll still need a human at the wheel because there’s no neural net deep enough to safely drive your car for you yet. Your smarty-pants home will have a gazillion different hubs because from your appliances’ perspective it’s the Tower of Babel.

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