If The Dressmaker is good for nothing else, it will mark the moment that Kate Winslet began her transformation into our wacky, awesome aunt.

This strange but not-very-successful film, based on a popular Australian novel, is a rare example of how sometimes a movie can still be enjoyable even when it is bad. Winslet’s Tilly Dunnage is the prodigal daughter returning to a 1950s fictional, middle-of-nowhere berg loaded with quirky characters (think 90s TV show Northern Exposure but with sand instead of snow.)

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She’s come back to see her ailing mother, Mad Molly (Judy Davis), a crazy old bat who lives on a hill overlooking the town. Tilly hasn’t been home since she was “sent away” as a young girl, accused of committing a murder of which she has no recollection. Read more…

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‘The Dressmaker’ review: Kate Winslet is your new wacky, awesome aunt