Warning: Insane spoilers ahead.

So that was crazy, huh?

Empire‘s Season Two finale, titled “Past Is Prologue,” ended on the most insane note possible. Lucious is married to Anika, and is now his grandson’s stepfather. Jamal is alive, but miserable. And either Rhonda or Anika has plummeted off a balcony to meet an untimely, bloody end.

The episode picked up three weeks after the last at a “Welcome Home” party for Jamal, who’s mostly fine after being shot by Freda. He’s in a wheelchair and still emotionally distressed, saying he won’t sing again unless the cycle of death and incarceration is over, adding that Freda is also a victim in all of this. Which, true. Read more…

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The ‘Empire’ finale was full of murderous revenge and disastrous matrimony