Jun. 1, 1931

Watched by a crowd, racing tipster Prince Monolulu stands on the pavement holding a large bunch of lilies.

Image: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Head to the British racecourses of Newmarket and Epsom in the first half the 20th century and there was a good chance you would encounter Ras Prince Monolulu. Often in an ostrich headdress and embroidered gowns, the Prince was hard to miss.

Ras Prince Monolulu’s origins are hazy at best. Claiming to be a chief of the Falasha tribe of Abyssinia (in the north of present-day Ethiopia), Monolulu said he had been kidnapped from the African coast and forced to serve as a sailor on a British ship. Read more…

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The exuberant life of Prince Monolulu, master of London racetracks