Karaoke’s about to get way more epic.

VNTANA, the augmented reality company behind the hologram selfie, has announced the first-ever interactive hologram karaoke experience.

The technology will debut during Rob Thomas’ upcoming summer tour with Counting Crows. Those who purchase the VIP package will be able to pick from three songs from Thomas’ catalog: “Pieces,” from his latest album The Great Unknown, “One Shot,” or his 2005 hit “This Is How a Heart Breaks.”

When fans stand in front of the VNTANA display, they’ll see their hologram live next to Thomas’, perform a duet, and at the end they will receive a video of the performance to share on social media.

Speaking to Mashable, Thomas said he encourages people to “be creative with it.” He also said that if you’re expecting to see a hologram like the famous Tupac hologram that debuted at Coachella in TKTKK, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.
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The first-ever hologram karaoke will debut this summer