If the current season of The Good Wife has had any major problems, it’s been the sequestering of Alicia Florrick from Diane and Cary. However, this week’s episode, “Shoot,” is an example of this isolation working in the episode’s favor.

Let’s start with the case of the week, which was very interesting and featured the return of my favorite recurring judge on The Good Wife, the liberal leaning, bleeding heart Judge Charles Abernathy (Denis O’Hare).

This week, Diane and Cary take on gun violence and gun control. How The Good Wife did an episode about guns without a guest-appearance from Gary Cole is beyond me, but I’ll allow it because Blair Underwood, who plays client of the week Harry Dargis, delivered a strong performance that more than made up for Cole’s absence. Read more…

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‘The Good Wife’ brilliantly took a shot at gun sellers in the latest episode