After 11 episodes of build-up, it finally happened: Alicia and Jason kissed — in an elevator, because this is The Good Wife and elevators are where some of the most personal, emotional, timing dependent moments happen on this show

The kiss, along with several other things that happen in Sunday’s episode, “Judged,” is part of the series’ attempt to tighten its storytelling up and to start bringing it’s many threads closer together. With its eye toward moving on, “Judged” shakes off some of the cobwebs

When the episode opens, Alicia is still unable to focus on work because she’s so focused on that deleted voicemail. She decides to pay Eli a visit and demands to hear everything Will said in the voicemail. As Eli points out, this is an exercise in torture that will do very little to ease Alicia’s hurt Read more…

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‘The Good Wife’ just staged its latest major elevator moment