LOS ANGELES — At some point in the future, filmmakers will be able to create CG worlds, creatures and stories from whole cloth that are so convincing, so tactile and touchable, you’ll no longer be vexed by that instinctual sense of picking apart what’s real and what’s animated.

Folks, that future is this weekend, when The Jungle Book comes out.

The latest Disney live-action take on an animated classic, this one from director Jon Favreau (he of Iron Man, Elf and Swingers), contains a shocking twist at the end of the credits sequence — “Filmed in Downtown Los Angeles” — that reminded me what I had utterly forgotten for its entire 105-minute runtime: None of this, not one leaf, not one rivulet of water, not a single hair on an animal’s back, is real. Read more…

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‘The Jungle Book’ is a thrilling masterpiece with both art and heart