This season of The Good Wife is chocked full of things we’ve seen before: an election, a voting scandal, Peter and Alicia faking it, Alicia starting a new firm, Alicia battling her old firm in court. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing

In the show’s execution of these repetitions, it reveals how aware it is of its past and how the past shapes the present

Or as one reviewer put it in their take on the premiere: “There’s meaning in those narratives and repeating those narratives—life as a never ending-series of builds and rebuilds, campaigns and recovering—and what’s exciting about this season is the prospect of watching Alicia apply all the growth and experience and learning of six seasons to what might be our last look at her cycling toward a more authentic, mature, independent identity.” Read more…

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The latest ‘Good Wife’ episode highlighted how much Alicia has changed