It’s hard to watch this new trailer for The Revenant and not feel like it is one giant metaphor for Leonardo DiCaprio’s entire career. Year after year he grits it out with extremely high caliber performances, and every year he comes in just short of getting the Oscar he so very much deserves. But now, mauled by the bear that is Hollywood, he’s out for revenge with director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, the man who cleaned up at the Academy Awards last year with Birdman. Should this be DiCaprio’s year, he’ll win it with a helluva story (and one beautifully-shot movie). Inspired by true events, Revenant is about a 1820s explorer named Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) who gets attacked by a bear and abandoned by his hunting team. He survives, naturally, and goes on a quest to right some wrongs. Go get ’em, Leo.
Pause at: 0:40 for some harsh words between Hugh Glass and his hunting partner John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Bear! at 0:50. Abandonment at 1:20. DiCaprio rises again at 1:30. Oh my god! at 2:18.
Essential Quote: “I ain’t afraid to die anymore; I done it already.”—Hugh Glass (DiCaprio)

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The Leonardo DiCaprio-Fights-a-Bear Trailer: The Revenant