Visit the sex shop The Pleasure Chest on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s not your mother’s vibrator shop

Whereas years ago sex shops predominantly catered to stereotypes relegated to largely female and homosexual male stereotypes — the lonely single girl and the wild kinkster — nowadays a change is happening, and it’s benefiting straight men more than ever. Yes, the P-spot (that would be the prostate) is in the spotlight right now, and here’s hoping the upswing in attention is permanent, sex educators say.

“Prostate massage is definitely becoming more en vogue,” says Jes Tom of The Pleasure Chest. The shop’s prostate massager collection has expanded as the practice becomes less taboo, especially amongst heterosexual men who sometimes mistakenly feared the practice might make them “seem gay” (it obviously does not, as if that’s even a bad thing) or less alpha (again, no). Even better, Tom says, “Prostate massage isn’t just becoming more trendy among straight couples; people are embracing prostate play as a healthy and pleasurable part of their sex lives.” Read more…

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The male G-spot is real — and you could be missing out