This post contains spoilers for The Mindy Project Season 4 Episode 2

In a season that is in its infancy but already brimming with big moments, The Mindy Project‘s second episode (literally) delivered the biggest so far: the birth of Mindy and Danny’s son, Leo.

Most of the episode revolves around Mindy’s insistence on a drugged-out C-section, a decision which Danny strongly opposes.

He tells her that at least attempting a natural birth, if not a drug-free one, will be a formative experience that will bond Mindy and their child. Mindy, of course, won’t hear of it, and she’s so stubborn that Danny has to turn to known nemesis Brendan Deslaureier (the ever-superb Mark Duplass). Read more…

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‘The Mindy Project’ nailed Mindy’s big labor episode