As we look back on the past twelve months of gaming, it’s clear that this was a year of esports continuing to take flight. More games built exciting competitive scenes. More players translated their skills into huge prize pools. And we viewers got more exciting, surprising and downright hilarious moments to enjoy.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite moments from esports in 2015

League of Legends

NA LCS Summer – Team Liquid vs Team Impulse

The most exciting moment of the North American LCS this summer wasn’t in a grand finals. It happened when Team Liquid and Team Impulse went head-to-head for third place. The fourth game seemed close to ending after just half an hour, with Impulse poised to push through to a fifth game in the series after taking out Liquid’s tanking player and making a move to control the Baron NPC. Who doesn’t need a tank to steal a kill? Liquid’s Fenix. Just goes to show that in League, you can’t take any kill for granted Read more…

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The most exciting esports moments in 2015