LOS ANGELES — I no longer recall who told me at the Sundance Film Festival back in January to look into Nate Parker’s past — but it was definitely before the world premiere of The Birth of a Nation, which went on to win the audience award, the jury prize, a record $17.5 million bid from Fox Searchlight and subsequent Oscar buzz.

But I do remember, in the broadest terms, what that person said: “This is going to be a problem for him.”

What they were referring to — allegations of rape from an incident in 1999, when Parker was a wrestler at Penn State — wasn’t hard to find. It’s right there on his Wikipedia page. It’s been covered in the media before. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only journalist to start digging for court documents, which detailed a late-night encounter with an 18-year-old freshman student on Aug. 21, 1999. Read more…

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The Nate Parker whispers started at Sundance — before ‘The Birth of a Nation’ premiere