There is no easier way to feel fancy than to drop one of those big, square cubes of perfectly clear ice into your glass. The Neat Ice Kit ($80) turns making that ice into a process only slightly more complicated than filling your ice tray and walking it to the freezer.

You push the orange silicone sock into the insulating mold, then fill the sock with water. Over the next 24 hours, the air and the impurities in the water are pushed down to the bottom, leaving the top half of your ice brick totally clear. Use the included chisel (which doubles as a bottle opener!) and mallet (which doubles as a muddler!) to break off the clear half. The leftover ice goes into the canvas bag, where you can whack it into pebbles.

Oh and that sweet silicone tumbler in the video? That’s by Snow Peak, and it costs $25.

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The Neat Ice Kit Makes It Easy to Freeze Perfectly Clear Ice Cubes