We all wish we had a bit of extra money in our bank accounts, but practical ways to cut costs seem to be few and far between. We spend a lot on necessities such as rent, commuting costs and utilities, most of which have non-negotiable price tags. But the money we spend on our meals, specifically lunch, is a bit more flexible.

Izy Hossack

Did you know the average Brit spends £6.67 per
day to buy lunch out? What if your lunch could taste delicious, cost less and put you on the path towards saving for
something you really want – not overpriced sushi?

FSCS and Mashable challenged some Instagram foodies to share their perfect go-to packed lunch meals made for under £6.67 to show you some ways you can start down the savings road.

Never underestimate the power of the canteen
microwave, your imagination and a hunger to save! Your wallet, and your stomach, will thank you. Read more…

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