The iconic Hershey’s Kisses are getting a major upgrade with the new Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe.

A whole roasted hazelnut in the center of the candy and flakes of rice crisps make this new Kiss stand out. In addition to its new flavor, the Kiss Deluxe is double the size of an original Kiss.

The chocolate company announced Tuesday that the new product is expected to release in U.S. stores on Nov. 5, just in time for the holidays.


The new kiss has triple the amount of calories as a regular Hershey’s kiss.

Image: Hershey’s

“It took 55 years just to change the color of the foil,” Adam Borden, senior associate manager for Hershey’s Kisses told USA TODAY. “Then it took another 38 years to put something inside the milk chocolate. We’re getting better, but it does take us a little while to tinker with something that is iconic as a brand Milton Hershey founded himself.” Read more…

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The newest Hershey’s kiss is bigger and more chocolatey