Well, the trial is finally underway, and the show could care less.

Episode six of The Night Of made for an uneven hour of television. On the one hand, it offered some thrilling moments as yet more details emerged about the murder. But, on the other hand, both the show and many characters have lost their way a bit.

My hopes for a Stone and Chandra super team were quickly and continually dashed throughout this episode. Neither of them did their jobs very well and they especially sucked at teamwork.

The most glaring example? Remember last episode when the final 10 minutes were given to searching for a suspect named Dwayne Reed and it ended on something of a cliffhanger with Stone trapping or trapped in a dungeon-like building? Absolutely nothing of that was mentioned in this episode. Not only did Stone not follow up on that lead, but he didn’t share it with his partner. It was very frustrating to see such an interesting turn from last week go completely ignored. Read more…

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